Private Tuition


Can't make our classes? Want more specialised tuition? Learn better 1-1? Or maybe you want to accelerate your learning or start suspending?


Our teachers, QuartzQunt and GaelleGote, also facilitate private lessons.

Find more info on Quartz at her website:


QuartQunt's interest in rope arose when she first got into kink. She spent a couple of years being tied and wishing she could experience more shibari, before beginning to tie in 2017. Once she started, QuartzQunt found herself completely obsessed - soaking up knowledge as fast as possible, completing a #100daysofrope experiment, and starting to teach and suspend within 6 months of starting tying.


She had learnt from national and internationally renowned riggers, such as Barkas & Addie, Felix Ruckert, Jessica Wabbitt, Tamandua, LacedLines, DJfet and Wkyd Dave. She is a regular teacher at South Coast Shibari Group, and is on the organising team for UKRex. She regularly invests in her learning through attending workshops around the country.

Classes are £30/hour, with a minimum of 2 hour booking and a maximum of 4 hours. A sliding scale of payment, including free options, is available for members of minorities and people who might struggle with financing learning.

To enquire or book classes, use our contact form.

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QuartzQunt's approach to rope is centered on the person she's tying - reading their emotions and reactions, and finding out their wants and desires, using rope as the medium to 'interview' them (for more info on Barkas' Interview Theory, see here). She also loves the creativity of rope, the beauty in the asymmetry of Japanese bondage, and the enjoyment of torture within rope (semenawa). She loves to utilise pressure points and body mechanics to move (and torture) the person in the ropes.